Eximbank Financing Grew 13% in Q1 / 2018

Jakarta -The Indonesian Export Financing Agency (LPEI) or Indonesia Eximbank recorded an outsatnding of Rp102 trillion financing in I / 2018. This achievement increased 13.4% over the same period last year of Rp89, 8 trillion.

Executive Director of Indonesia Eximbank, Sinthya Roesly said this year it targets total outstanding loans of Rp112 trillion. “Our target 2018 is about Rp112 trillion, God willing reached,” he said in Jakarta, Thursday (31/05/2018).

He continued in addition to commercial loan facilities, LPEI also assigned the Ministry of Finance to distribute the financing of special assignment or national interest account (NIA).

It is for the purpose of providing export financing for transactions or projects that are commercially difficult to implement, but deemed necessary by the government. The assignment is stipulated in Regulation of the Minister of Finance No.198 / PMK.08 / 2017. National interest accounts that have been channeled so far ie to PT Inca (Persero) of Rp600 billion, and PT Dirgantara Indonesia amounting to Rp354 billion.

Meanwhile, export destination countries financed with such special assignment are non-traditional markets such as Thailand, Nepal, United Arab Emirates and countries in the African region that are not UN embargo.

“Then from the region of Africa Rp1, 3 trillion is later allotment there are various, there are some potential export products that will try to be supported from the allocation of Rp1, 3 trillion,” he explained.

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