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Facebook Losing audience Shifting Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat

Jakarta -The Pew Research Center found that there was a change in American adolescent preference for social media. Now the survey proves teens choose more visually social media alternatives such as Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat than using Facebook that a few years ago had loved local teenagers.

Pew first survey conducted in 2015 where Facebook is still used by 71% of respondents, while currently Facebook is only used by 51% of respondents.

Pew survey conducted on the period March 7 to April 10, 2018 shows that the first position in this survey is Youtube with 85% of the respondents say they use it to enjoy video content. Second Rank Instagram with 72% of respondents and third is Snapchat with proportion 69 respondents.

One of the factors driving the change was according to Pew launched through Techcrunch because of the presence of smartphones in the life of the user. In the current survey period the number of smartphones has increased rapidly.

Approximately 95 percent of Pew survey respondents came from the age of 13-17 said they already have access to the smartphon. While the rest, especially in families with low incomes say have laptops and desktop computers.

Pew also found that 51% of respondents who claimed to use Facebook came from groups with varying income ranges. Of the total respondents of high income categories there are 36 percent who claim to wear them, meanwhile of the total respondents low income there are 70 percent who say wear them.

The respondents when asked whether social media have a positive or negative effect their answers are split. They love being able to connect with friends and family, find lots of news and information and meet new people.

But they do not like social media being used as a place for bullying and spreading gossip, making people not socializing in real life, and more surprisingly they say a teenager can kill because of what they see through social media.

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