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Facebook Prepare Special Formula to Block Negative Content For Indonesia

Facebook’s social media implements the Geoblocking regional blocking feature to control the specific negative content in Indonesia as requested by the government.

This was conveyed by the Director General of Informatics Applications of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kemenkominfo) Semuel A. Pangarepan after a meeting with Asia Pacific Facebook Representative Jeff Wu in Jakarta, Wednesday (02/08/2017).

“With the Geoblocking feature will be no content that can not be accessed specifically in Indonesia. Facebook will also create a special algorithm for Indonesia, “explained Semuel.

Previously, representatives of Asia Pacific Facebook also met with the Minister of Communications and Informatics Rudiantara at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, on Wednesday morning (2/8/2017).

The meeting discussed improving service level agreement (SLA) handling Negative content between the two parties, especially the need for high intensity in handling content of radicalism and terrorism, and child pornography and hate speech.

The government asked Facebook to have a special watchdog team to recognize negative content findings more quickly.

Responding to that, OTT service from Uncle Sam’s country is committed to improve the way of handling negative content in Indonesia. One of them by appointing Indonesian people as representatives who placed on Facebook for handling related negative content.

After Facebook and Telegram, the ministry will also continue to invite other social media application providers and providers to carry out intensive handling.

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