Facebook Spends US $ 3.3 Million in First Three Months 2018

JAKARTA -Facebook Inc. posted the record for most spending on lobby funding for the first three months of this year. The lobbying of this company among others related to the leaking of millions of data users without permission by Cambridge Analytica.

Based on documents submitted to the government, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has spent US $ 3.3 million, larger than the same period last year of US $ 3.21 million.

“Facebook lobbies against various types of issues, including the issue of federal privacy rules, online advertising, security and internet privacy,” the document said as quoted by Bloomberg, Saturday (21/4/2018).

In addition, the document also mentioned a general discussion related to the leakage of data leaked users without explaining further. While representatives of Facebook also did not respond to violations of the data in question.

As for the end of the I / 2018 quarter, Facebook has been stranded over the fact that millions of user data have been unofficially obtained by Cambridge Analytica, a company that supports Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign in 2016 Election.

Facebook Executive Director Mark Zuckerberg has been flooded with questions by Congress this month to consider the user’s privacy security rules.

“Facebook has been lobbying with the White House, senators, parliament, and government agencies including the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Communications Commission,” the document said.

In addition to Facebook, among other technology giants, Google has spent US $ 5.02 million in the first quarter of this year, up 43% from the same period a year earlier and up 14% from last quarter last year.

Google regularly has the largest expenditure in the technology sector with record spending in the second quarter / 2017 amounted to US $ 5.93 million.

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