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Facilities Like Apartments, People Are Encouraged to Live in Rusunawa

JAKARTA -Ministry of Public Works and People’s Housing (PUPR) invites people to occupy rental apartment (rusunawa).

Director General of Housing Provision at the Ministry of PUPR Khalawi Abdul Hamid said there are many rusunawa that have been built in several big cities.

Facilities in rusunawa has been equipped with furniture as well as clean water channels and electricity is expected to make people stay comfortable and fit for living.

“Rusunawa built by the Ministry of PUPR at this time the quality is like an apartment, we hope people can live in the rusunawa that we built because the facilities are complete,” said Khalawi through a press release on Wednesday (05/16/2018)

Ministry of PUPR conducting groundbreaking rusunawa for low-income people (MBR) in Magelang, Central Java, on Wednesday (16/05/2018) which was attended by Commission V of DPR RI Sudjadi; Magelang Mayor Sigit Widyonindito; Director of Rusun Kementerian PUPR Kuswardono; as well as dozens of sub-district heads from Magelang, Magelang and Temanggung districts.

In addition to groundbreaking Rusunawa, Khalawi also made the first stone construction of a special house in the city of Magelang and symbolically handed over the Self-Helping Housing Stimulus Assistance (BSPS) to the subdistrict heads in Magelang and Temanggung.

Khalawi added that his party guarantee the quality of rusunawa building becomes the main thing. The quality of buildings ranging from planning to finishing process and completeness is well implemented.

“The quality of rusunawa built during the era of President Joko Widodo’s administration is very good and the facilities are already in the apartment, I hope people should not be embarrassed to live in rusunawa, the facilities are now complete and comfortable,” he said.

Rusunawa built by the Ministry of PUPR, said Khalawi, has been equipped meubelair like bed, wardrobe, table and chairs, kitchen. People live in and live in rusunawa.

“Rental costs to live in rusunawa are also cheap and affordable,” said Khalawi.

This year the Ministry of PUPR will build about 310 rusunawa towers with a total of about 15,000 units.

Type of rusunawa that is built there are two that is type 36 for rusun family and type 24 for single rusun. Rusunawa is intended not only for MBR, but also civil state apparatus (ASN), students, and santri.

Rental apartments that are currently in-groundbreaking located in Wates Village and built a four-story tower with a total occupancy of 58 units. The construction site is located on the land owned by Magelang municipal government.

Ministry of PUPR has built four towers in Magelang regency, five flats in Temanggung Regency, and three in Magelang City. A total of 50 towers will also be built in Wates Village, North Magelang Clan.

Meanwhile, a member of Commission V of the House of Representatives, Soedjadi, strongly supports the development of rusunawa implemented by the Ministry of PUPR for the community in Magelang City. The existence of rusunawa is expected to be an alternative occupancy for the community given the limited land in urban areas.

“In the era of President Joko Widodo, the housing problem for the community is really paid attention, besides Rusun, the government also provides Special House and Household assistance for the underprivileged people,” he said.

He said the President has also inaugurated several rusunawa in Magelang. Construction of houses for the community is also implemented from the suburbs so that more equitable and perceived benefits.

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