February 2018, This is the best-selling car brand in Vietnam

Jakarta -Toyota’s four-wheeler vehicle was listed as the largest in Vietnam’s domestic market on last month’s sales.

Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (VAMA) noted, Toyota’s total vehicle sales totaled 2,865 units in February 2018.

The total sales make Toyota brand market share of 23.4% of total vehicle sales outside the bus chassis sales in February 2018, which is 12,221 units of vehicles.

The second position is owned by Vinamazda with sales reaching 2,004 units or with a market share of 16.4%, followed by sales of Tacho Kia 1,495 units (12.2%) in the third position.

Throughout last month, still in VAMA data, Total vehicle sales in Vietnam’s domestic market, outside the bus sales, dropped 29% last month compared to February 2017.

VAMA noted that total vehicle sales in the Negari Jiran reached 12,221 units last month. Total sales were 4,939 units lower than February 2017, 17,160 units.

Of last month’s total sales, passenger vehicles were down 12 percent, trading was minus 48 percent, and special-purpose vehicles plunged 70 percent.

Meanwhile, according to VAMA, total vehicle sales in the last month compared to January 2018 decline is much higher, ie minus 52% – outside the sales of bus chassis. In January 2018, total vehicle sales in Vietnam’s domestic market 25,381 units.

As for sales in the first two months of this year, VAMA noted, growth is very thin compared to the same period last year, which is 2%.

Throughout January-February 2018, total vehicle sales in Vietnam – outside the sales of bus chassis – reached 37,602 units from 36,774 units in the same period last year.

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