Flight Tickets Will Decrease, Ministry of Transportation: Please Be Patient in Another Week!

JAKARTA – The Directorate General of Civil Aviation at the Ministry of Transportation has not yet determined the formulation of the no frills airline ticket price reduction and has submitted the scheme to the relevant airlines.

Director General of Air Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation, Polana B. Pramesti asked the public to be patient to wait until the next week for certainty of ticket price reductions. The deadline is given by the government so that all stakeholders can adjust.

“Later the airline will set itself up,” Polana said at the Office of the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Thursday (6/20/2019).

In this TBA evaluation coordination meeting, the government together with all relevant parties have formulated policies, among others, firstly, to fulfill the public’s expectation of reduced flight ticket prices, the government and all relevant parties are finalizing policies to impose domestic low cost carrier (LCC) ticket prices for certain flight schedules.

Meanwhile, this policy will be effective in the next one week.

Second, in order to maintain the sustainability of the air transport industry, all relevant parties such as air carriers, airport managers, and aviation fuel providers, have both committed to lowering costs associated with aviation operations

Third, to help with cost efficiency in the airline, the government is preparing a policy of providing fiscal incentives for aircraft rental, maintenance and repair services; airplane rental services from outside the customs area, and import and delivery of aircraft and spare parts.


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