Flights Hajj 2018 Served 31 Garuda & Saudi Arabian Airlines

Jakarta -The Directorate General of Air Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation stated that on the 2018 Haj flight will be served at least by 31 aircraft fleet, both from Garuda Indonesia and Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Secretary of Director General of Air Transportation Pramintohadi Sukarno explained that PT Garuda Indonesia has prepared a fleet of 13 aircraft units.

A number of aircraft that consists of 5 units Boeing B777-300 aircraft with a capacity of 393 seats; 3 units of B747-400 aircraft with capacity of 455; 4 units of Airbus A330-300 aircraft with a capacity of 360 seats; and 1 unit of A330-200 aircraft with capacity 325 seats.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabian Airlines is preparing a fleet of 18 units consisting of 11 units of Boeing B777-300 with 410 seats and 7 units of B747-400 with 450 seats capacity.

“We have examined the aircraft and the personnel who will operate it to ensure the airworthiness of the aircraft as well as the convenience of the pilgrims to be transported,” Pramintohadi said, according to official information obtained by Bisnis Indonesia on Saturday (14/7).

Meanwhile, according to the Decree of the Minister of Religious Affairs No.124 / 2016 on the establishment of haj embarkation and debarkation, 12 airports are to be used as embarkation and haj pilgrimage, and 5 airports for embarkation between.

The embarkation and debarkation of the pilgrims are the young Sultan Iskandar Airport of Aceh; Kualanamu Airport Medan; Minangkabau Airport Padang; Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport Palembang; Hang Nadim Airport Batam; Soekarno-Hatta Airport Jakarta.

In addition, Adi Soemarmo Solo Airport; Juanda Airport Surabaya; Sultan Aji Airport Muhammad Sulaiman Balikpapan; Airport Syamsuddin Noor Banjarmasin; Sultan Hasanuddin Airport Makassar; and Lombok Praya Lombok Airport.

While the hajj embarkation between those stipulated in the Decree of Minister of Religious Affairs No.213 / 2018 is Djalaluddin Airport Gorontalo; Radin Inten II Airport Lampung; Tjilik Riwut Palangkaraya Airport; Airport Fatmawati Soekarno Bengkulu; and Sultan ThahaJambi Airport.

“We have also checked the readiness of all airports, and in general 12 airports embarkation Hajj and 5 embarkation between it is ready to carry out the activities of pilgrims in 2018,” continued Praminto.

Praminto hopes that this year’s haj pilgrimage will take place successfully with better timeliness than in previous years.

He also advised that the flight personnel who operate the Haj flight work wholeheartedly.

“We work to deliver the guests of Allah SWT to the holy land by working wholeheartedly, God willing the flight will be safe, safe, comfortable and we will also get a lot of rewards,” he concluded.

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