Fraud Rp650 Million, Police Soon Call Former Wife of Pedangdut Nassar

Jakarta -Polda Metro Jaya has officially sent a Notice of Commencement of Investigation (SPDP) to State Prosecutor of Tangerang Ter on March 16, 2018 about alleged crime and fraud criminal case involving reported by former wife of Nassar sword, Muzdalifah.

The reporting attorney, Muhammad Zakir, appreciates the performance of the police who process his client’s case quickly and well. According to him, in the near future the investigation team will also call the reported Muzdalifah related alleged crime and fraud charges of Rp650 million to be re-examined as

“We have coordinated with the investigators who handle this and the progress of our report is quite good.In the near future, the report will be called again, technically we leave it completely to the investigation team,” he said on Monday (19/3/2018).

He hopes the artist Muzdalifah can cooperate and meet the call of the investigation team related to embezzlement and fraud case of Rp 650 million.

According to him, his client named Dedi Junaedi already bear a considerable loss for embezzlement of money.

“For sure we have received SPDP, whether the letter is reported to be suspect or not, we submit it to the investigation team, which obviously our client has suffered long losses,” he said.

As is known, the former wife of Nassar pedangdut, Muzdalifah Dedi Junaedi reported to the Police Metro Jaya related alleged criminal acts of fraud and embezzlement of Rp650 million. Dedi who is known ex-Muzdalifah lawyer was admitted promised money for the business run Muzdalifah.

However, after 2.5 years Muzdalifah has not fulfilled his promise to pay the debt of Rp650 million to the former lawyer. In fact, Dedi Junaedi promised to get 10% profit every month from money lent to Muzdalifah in 2015.

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