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Frequency Permit Revoked, First Media Service and Bolt Must Stop Today

Jakarta – The Ministry of Communication and Information (Ministry of Communication and Information) will issue a Decree (SK) revocation of 2.3GHz radio frequency licenses for three Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) providers, namely PT First Media Tbk (KBLV), PT Internux (bolt service delivery), and PT Jasnita Telekomindo, today, Monday (11/19/2018).

If the decree has been signed by the relevant officials, then the three companies must stop their services today.

Acting Head of Public Relations of the Ministry of Communication and Information, Ferdinandus Setu, revealed that the process of revoking permits only takes one day. Therefore, if the decree has been issued, then the three companies should have stopped the service on the same day.

“The permit revocation process only takes a day. If the decree has been issued today, then today they must understand and stop the service,” explained the man who was familiarly called Nando when contacted by the Tekno team on Monday (11/19/2018 )

He said, currently the decree is still waiting for initials from the Ministry of Communication and Information officials. “We just have to wait for the initials. Surely, today the decree is issued,” he said.

Based on the results of evaluating the performance and obligations of operators in general, it is known that three BWA operators have not fulfilled their obligations, First Media, Internux and Jasnita.

All three must pay the BHP due on November 17. If it passes the specified time, the government has for some time determined to revoke the frequency permit.

Amount of Arrears

As the organizer of BWA at 2.3 GHz frequency, First Media occupies zones 1 and 4 with coverage of North Sumatra, Jabodetabek and Banten. The amount of principal arrears and fines to be paid is Rp. 364,840,573,118.

While Internux in zone 4 with coverage in the Greater Jakarta and Banten regions. Total principal arrears and penalties amounting to Rp343,576,161,625. First Media and Internux are under the auspices of the Lippo Group.

Jasnita is in zone 12 with the northern Sulawesi region. The total arrears are IDR 2.1 97,782,790.

Permit revocation is done after the holder of the Radio Frequency Band License (IPFR) is given three warning letters, and does not pay off all Radio Frequency BHPs for annual IPFR and the fine until the 24th month from the due date of the Radio Frequency BHP, not later than 17 November 2018.

Regarding this Ministry of Communication and Informatics decision, First Media filed a lawsuit with the State Administrative Court (PTUN). First Media Claims to PTUN is regarding the license of wireless telecommunications services of PT First Media Tbk (KBLV), and is not related to the services and licenses of First Media operated by PT Link Net Tbk (LINK).

The inaugural session was held on Tuesday (11/13/2018). Then, a follow-up hearing is scheduled for today, Monday (11/19/2018).

The service operated by KBLV is a wireless internet based using 4G LTE technology. On the other hand, First Media, operated by Link Net, is a cable TV service & High Speed ​​Broadband Internet based cable using Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) technology.

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