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Germany will Help Indonesia Develop to Industry Generation 4.0

Jakarta -The Ministry of Industry is exploring cooperation with leading research institute from Germany, The Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology GPA, in an effort to face the fourth generation industrial revolution or Industry 4.0.

Industry Minister Airlanggan Hartarto said the synergy could improve innovation, efficiency, productivity of quality, and create new jobs for the manufacturing sector that will lead the industry 4.0.

Menperin said, the four commitments that will be done together between the Ministry of Industry with Fraunhofer IPK, the first is to create a detailed action plan for the implementation of Making Indonesia 4.0.

Second, take a new management approach to revitalize several R & D centers in Indonesia, especially those owned by Kemenperin.

Third, develop a vocation program that links and match between Kemenperin with polytechnic and industry. Fourth, to formulate a policy in making innovation center for the development of small and medium industry sector (IKM) to be ready to enter the era of industrial revolution 4.0.

“Obviously, it is also able to boost the competitiveness of national manufacturers including SMEs in the global arena,” he said as quoted from a press release on Saturday (05/05/2018).

The agreement of both parties, will be realized through the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Indonesia in the near future. Kemenperin immediately invited Fraunhofer IPK to Indonesia to discuss details of activities within the scope of cooperation according to four agreed points.

The Ministry of Industry asserts that Indonesia and Germany are ready to enter and implement 4.0 industry. This is evidenced by the two countries by creating a roadmap to provide a clear direction in the development of the manufacturing sector that will be a pilot and targets that have been set.

Based on the Making Indonesia 4.0 roadmap, five manufacturing sectors are focused, namely food and beverage industry, textile and apparel, automotive, electronics, and chemicals.

The target, Indonesia will be the country with the seventh strongest economy in the world by 2030. In fact, by 2050, Indonesia is projected to be ranked fourth in the world.

Holger Kohl of Berlin University, an expert in systems production and design technology projects within the next 32 years, Indonesia will enter the four major countries of the world. “That is, by 2050, Indonesia will become an economically strong country,” he said.

The conviction that Kohl presented was based on, because over the next 15 years Indonesia enjoys a period of demographic bonus, in which its population will be dominated by productive age. This momentum will be one of the drivers of Indonesia’s economic growth.

Some Asian countries that have entered demographic bonus periods, such as Japan, China, Singapore, and Thailand, are experiencing rapid economic growth. “I think Indonesia is like that,” he said.

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