GIMS 2018: Goodyear Showcase Intelligent Tyre Proof, Its Greatness

JAKARTA – The Geneva International Motor Show 2018 is not just a party of car manufacturers. In the midst of this frenetic exhibition of automotive, Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company showcased intelligent tire prototypes.

The latest intelligent tyre prototype is equipped with a complete tire information system, sensors, and cloud-based algorithms that all work together to communicate with fleet operators through mobile applications.

Chris Delaney, President of Goodyear for Europe, Middle East and Africa, said it was proactive to innovate to manage tire care services because of increasing mobility of society.

“We recognize that the mobility of society is increasing, as seen from the number of kilometers of vehicles that increase substantially. This makes us proactively innovate to manage the essential tire maintenance services in order to support the customer experience as well as the business model, “Delaney said in a press release on Monday (12/3/2018).

He explained that the Goodyear intelligent tire prototype presents continuous connections as well as displaying real-time data that maximizes tire usage optimally so that mobility becomes safer, cost-effective and time-saving operations.

The algorithm on the Goodyear intelligent tire sensor will provide information related to the condition of the tire, temperature, and pressure provided so that the operator can know the right time in tire maintenance.

“Information on tire performance will be delivered directly when tires require maintenance to extend the life of tires, fuel savings and other tire fuels. This proactive treatment allows fleet operators to identify precisely and tackle tire problems before they occur, “he said.

By 2015, vehicle mobility from fleet owners continues to increase by contributing 4% of the total distance traveled from the total distance traveled by vehicles globally. This amount is projected to exceed 25% by 2030.

“Along with the ever-expanding mobility, as well as the needs of consumers and owners of fleet vehicles, Goodyear has anticipated the products, services and experience that will support the mobility required by consumers and fleet operators,” he said.

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