Goodyear Bring’s Concept Tyre in GIIAS 2017

Goodyear Indonesia, one of the leading tire manufacturers will present the concept tire at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto show (GIIAS) 10 August.

Bringing concept tires is believed to change the wheeled vehicle technology map. The company will also present more than 20 latest tire technology innovations in both commercial and family vehicles.

From the official statement received by Business on Saturday, the company claimed Goodyear’s presence in GIIAS 2017 will be the main drawer among the many perpetrators of the automotive industry that became exhibitors.

In addition to valuable sales promotions are far more than the value of potential buyers. Plus the Worry Free Assurance Program service for the family car and light commercial tire products, will certainly provide more safety assurance every driver needs. Goodyear will also introduce Fleed Online System.

A comprehensive commercial tire service management system integrated with the web to minimize the expense of tire maintenance for fleets and transport companies.

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