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Government Will Build Airport in Pandeglang

SERANG – The government plans to build an airport in Pandeglang regency, Banten, to support the development of tourism in Tanjung Lesung.

Secretary General of the Ministry of Transportation Sugihardjo said it was conducting a study for the construction of the airport.

“The development of tourist areas should be supported by transportation access, we are reviewing airport development in Pandeglang to support tourism in Tanjung Lesung,” he said at the State Islamic University of Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin in Serang City, Banten, on Monday (4/12).

He explained that Banten actually has a big airport, Soekarno-Hatta in Tangerang. However, the airport is prioritized for international purposes. In addition, the distance from Pandeglang is also quite far away.

It is expected that with the new airport in Pandeglang can accelerate economic development in the southern part of Banten.

Sugihardjo explained the economic progress in Banten has been very rapid, especially when compared to when still joining the Province of West Java.

“After the separation of economic growth is extraordinary, now the GDP per capita of Banten is already above Jabar,” he said.

Furthermore, he said that the presence of transport nodes such as airports would certainly increase the movement of goods and people. Along with that the economic growth will increase.

Related to the construction of double rail Maja-Rangkasbitung and reactivation of Rangkasbitung – Saketi – Labuhan railway, Sugihardjo said the development is to smooth the goods and people in Banten.

Some of the tracks are Dutch relics. He acknowledged if the Dutch had a careful planning on transportation.

In the Business note , the construction of a double rail line from Rangkasbitung to Merak extends as far as 69 km. This phase is a continuation of double track development from Maja, Citeras, to Rangkasbitung.

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