Hang Nadim Explores Cooperation with China and Korea Airlines

BATAM -Hang Nadim Batam Airport Business Center is exploring cooperation with airlines from China and South Korea. Hang Nadim seeks to open a direct route to both countries.

“One of those interested in this cooperation is a subsidiary of Korean Airlines,” said Director of Batam Hang Nadim BUBU Suwarso, Thursday (28/06/2018).

Hang Nadim Airport Batam has been operating for 24 hours in the past 3 years. But there are still many slots that have not filled the airline, especially during the night hours. The empty slot is usually only used by aircraft that want to make repairs on Batam Aero Technic owned Lion Air.

BUBU Hang Nadim Batam plans to optimize the empty slots for overseas flights. Especially the direct flights to the country of origin wisawata foreign countries who often come to Batam.

The potential of tourists from China and Korea is large. This can be seen from the full flight using chartered aircraft from both countries to Batam some time later.

But cooperation with airlines from the State of Panda and Negeri Gingseng still constrained a number of things. One of them is the passenger load factor from Batam to both countries is still below 50%.

“If from China or Korea to Batam is sufficient. But the problem is from Batam to there [China and Korea], it is still considered uneconomical, “he explained.

To cover the shortage, BUBU Hang Nadim Batam offers a number of compensation such as discount landing fee up to 50%. Hang Nadim is also reviewing to provide a discount on Passenger Service Charge (PSC).

But the two compensations are still less attractive for the Korean and Chinese carriers.

The second option is to make Batam a hub for international flights from and to Indonesia.

“South Korean airlines are interested to make Batam as a transit point to the final destination in Indonesia,” he explained.

Currently BUBU Hang Nadim Batam is continuing to negotiate with a subsidiary of Korean Airlines, to get the take and give that is worth offered through the cooperation.

“BP Batam requested that flights from Batam to Korea served three times a week. But so far they only able to once a week, “he added.

Garuda Indonesia

PT. Garuda Indonesia is reviewing the plan to open a direct route from Batam to several countries.

Many requests for these five-star airlines to open direct flight routes to Jeddah, Canton and the cities of origin of foreign tourists.

“The plan already exists, but still in the evaluation phase,” said GM Garuda Indonesia Plh, Shinta Gustiawaty.

Until now there is no direct route international flights in Batam, except to Malaysia. A number of foreign tourists who want to visit Kepri must first go to Singapore, before finally menginjakan foot in Batam.

Similar conditions are also experienced by the people of Batam who want to travel abroad. They have to go to Singapore to get international border services to their destination country.

“Input from Batam is submitted to head office to be evaluated for the addition of Garuda network,” he explained.

Garuda Indonesia is still optimistic that the international direct aviation market is profitable. According to Batam market is quite high, especially from and to Jeddah and some countries in East Asia.

Related direct flights from Batam to Jeddah, Garuda Indonesia has had a direct meeting with a number of Umrah organizers in Batam. The results of the meeting showed that the market in Batam is very large for flights to Jeddah.

But there are still some aspects that should be considered this five-star airline. Among them is the availability of fleet and aircraft rotation.

“Market I’m sure a lot of animonya. But we return to the Center to see the availability of aircraft and rotations, “he said.

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