Here are 5 Prestigious Football Tournaments After the 2018 World Cup is over

World Cup 2018 has determined who is the finalist. France and Croatia will face each other in the top party to be held on July 15 at Luzhniki Stadium.

It means the World Cup is coming to an end.

But do not worry, there are still many international football tournaments, which are not less prestigious than the World Cup will also be held in 2019.

What are they? Reported from and, the following are:


CONCACAF Gold Cup (18 June-18 July 2019)

CONCACAF Gold Cup is a soccer tournament followed by North America, Central America and the Karibian region. By 2019 will be the 15th tournament being held, and the United States will host it.

This tournament itself is held every two years. The United States is the reigning Gold Cup champion after defeating Jamaica with a 2-1 lead in the 2017 final.

Mexico became the country with the most title with 7 trophies, followed by United States with 6 titles while one remaining won by Canada.

AFC Asian Cup (January 6-February 1, 2019)

For the Asian soccer public, the AFC Asian Cup will be the most eagerly awaited soccer tournament. For the year 2019 alone, the Emirates Arab Emirates will be hosted.

This tournament will be followed by 24 countries divided into 6 groups. His own qualifying round has been completed. Unfortunately Indonesia failed to appear in the AFC Cup 2019 after not managed to qualify in the qualifying phase.

Southeast Asia itself will be represented by Thailand and Vietnam. The reigning champions of this competition are held by new members of Asian football, Australia. In the 2015 AFC Cup, they managed to beat South Korea with a score of 2-1 through extra time round.

Most Asian Cup Winners:

  • 4 times – Japan
  • 3 times – Saudi Arabia, Iran
  • 2 times – South Korea
  • 1 time – Iraq, Kuwait, Australia, Israel.


African Cup Nation (June 7-June 30, 2019)

In addition to the CONCACAF and Asia region, Africa will also host the African Cup Nation in 2019. The tournament will be the 32nd edition and will be held in Cameroon as the host.

African soccer tournament for the first time will use a new format followed by 24 countries. African countries themselves failed miserably in the 2018 World Cup.

For the first time since 1984, they have no representatives in the knockout round. Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia must fall in the group stage.

If the previous African Cup runs have always clashed with European leagues, then this time will shift in the summer. So the top African players playing in the Europa League can play for their country.

In addition to the status as host, Cameroon is also the defending champion after defeating Egypt in the final 2017.

Top African Cup Winner:

  • 7 – Egypt
  • 5 – Cameroon
  • 4 – Ghana & Nigeria
  • 2 – Congo (Kinshasa, including Zaire) & Ivory Coast
  • 1 – Algeria, Congo (Brazzaville), Ethiopia, Morocco, South Africa, Sudan, Tunisia and Zambia.

UEFA Nations League

UEFA initiated a new tournament for European nations called the UEFA Nations League. The tournament will begin in the spring of 2019.

In this tournament, all 55 countries will be divided into four “leagues”, with major countries in group A and weak in Group D. Teams in each group will play matches with home away formats.

In addition, this League will use the format of promotion and degradation. Every champion in groups B, C and D will be promoted to division A, as well as the team that locks in group A, B and C will be relegated to division D.

The tournament itself is rumored to be starting in early 2020 before another major tournament, the European Cup.


Copa America (June 14-July 7, 2019)

The FIFA World Cup is indeed the most prestigious tournament in the world. But Copa America is the oldest tournament you know. The 2019 Copa America is the 46th edition, and Brazil will act as the host.

Uniquely, this tournament is sometimes erratic time. Copa America has been held every year sometime per two years and once per three years.

In the last two editions held in 2015 and 2016, Chile came out as champions. While most countries often win Copa America is Uruguay with 15 trophies.

Most Copa America Winner:

  • 15 – Uruguay
  • 14 – Argentina
  • 8 – Brazil
  • 2 – Paraguay, Peru, Chile
  • 1 – Bolivia, Colombia.

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