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Here’s how to read WhatsApp messages have been deleted, you can try it

Jakarta -WhatsApp becomes a favorite messaging app. Reporting from, Monday (21/5), WhatsApp users reach 315 million active users per day. Because WhatsApp has most of interesting features.

In 2017, WhatsApp issues a delete message. With these features, WhatsApp users can delete messages that they send for themselves as well as for message recipients. The benefit, can minimize sending a message. But for users who get notified that the message has been deleted, often curiosity about the contents of the newly deleted messages.

Well it turns out there is how to read messages that have been deleted. Messages that have been deleted are not actually completely lost from the smartphone. Reported from, Tuesday (20/5), android blog from Spain, claims that messages that have been deleted will be logged notification.

There are various types of applications Notification History. Some apps can only re-read messages that have been deleted, limited to the first 100 characters. Unfortunately this application can only be downloaded on Android-based smartphones.

Then how the hell is the way to read deleted messages?

1. Install an app called Notification History on Google Play.

2. Turn on access to read notification log in smartphone settings.

After the application is successfully downloaded, can directly open the application and see the list of incoming messages. Messages that have been deleted in WhatsApp can be read in the Notification History app.

Here are the results of the use of third-party applications Notification History.

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