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House of Representatives Conduct Eligibility Test of Prospective Members of BPK

Jakarta -Commission XI DPR will conduct a feasibility test against the prospective members of the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) on Monday (16/4/2018) at 10.00 pm.

The feasibility test process will be conducted for three days ie Monday to Wednesday. Today’s feasibility test will be conducted on eight candidates. Total candidate members of BPK who will undergo the feasibility test as much as 20 people.

The House of Representatives is conducting administrative selection of about 20 candidates for the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK). The 20 candidates are going to fight for the II member seat that will be empty because its official Agus Joko Pramono finished this year’s task.

However, Agus who is a petahana is called to participate in contesting for a position quite prestigious in the state auditor institution.

Earlier news about this selection justified members of Commission XI Hendrawan Supratikno. The PDI-P politician explained that the selection process has started, but it is still in the administrative selection stage.

The position of II BPK members is a strategic position. The reason, his position includes examination of the management and accountability of state finances as well as provide guidance investigative investigation.

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