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There is few easy steps to get online indonesian passport online for our fellow indonesians. Do you know that by applying online for a new passport or passport extension you will avoid so much pain at the immigration office? For those who live in Jakarta (it doesn’t matter if your National ID/KTP is Jakarta or not) and are thinking of applying or doing the passport extension in Jakarta, please keep in mind that there is no “walk-in queue system” anymore. You have to reserve your spot online / through Whatsapp.

Passport Application Through Online Browser/App :

Let’s talk about the online part first. Here is an easy step-by-step guide that will save lots of time and hassle:

  1. You have to register yourself here:
  2. You need to fill in your username, create a desirable password, and add your National ID/KTP number, phone number, email address and your home address.
  3. You have to confirm your email address. You’ll find a confirmation email from them and you just need to click the link.
  4. Once you’ve done all of the above you can log in to your account and reserve your spot.
  5. Go to the Kantor Imigrasi list page and there you can choose the immigration office closest to your place or you want to go to and click the “Buat Permohonan” button.
  6. Choose the date, time and the number of applicant(s). If the date appears grey and can’t be click that means that it has been fully booked. I learned it is better to use Mozilla as your browser rather than Chrome. Every date turns grey in Chrome. I am not sure why.
  7. Make sure to arrive at your appointment on the scheduled date and the correct time. It is better to arrive 30 minutes early.
  8. To apply for a NEW Passport bring: your E-KTP, Kartu Keluarga, Akta Lahir/Buku Nikah/Ijazah (you need to bring the original documents and also the copy of it. Copy on A4 paper, don’t cut it).
  9. Passport EXTENSION: For passports published after 2009 immigration states you just need your old passport and E-KTP, but that is not the case. I still needed to submit exactly the same documents as a new passport application.
  10. On the day that you submit your documents you will need to do an interview and have your photo and biometric data taken. The interview was really basic. The kind of questions I got asked included: why do you need to do this extension, where are you planning to go, etc. I remember it took me 30-45 minutes.
  11. Once your document has been submitted you will get the receipt and payment code. With the payment code, you can do the payment (I did mine through Klik BCA). The cost: Rp 655,000 for the e-passport and Rp 355,000 for the normal passport (48 pages).
  12. Your passport will be ready to collect 4 working days after you make the payment.

You can also make your appointment through a phone application too. A lot of people say that it is easier through the app rather than the website. I really don’t know why, and I didn’t use the app. At the moment the app is only available for Android.

Passport Application through Whatsapp :

The Whatsapp reservation method is basically similar to the online reservation. I personally think it is so much easier. However, the Whatsapp reservation system is only available for the below Immigration Offices:

  • Jakarta Pusat: +62812 9900 4406
  • Tangerang: +62811 8119 000
  • Bogor: +62811 1100 333
  • Batam: +62822 8886 2017

Necessary Documents :-

Documents You Need:

So these are the things that you need to bring to the immigration office:

  • National ID card (KTP asli).
  • Family card (Kartu Keluarga asli).
  • Birth certificate/graduation certificate/marriage certificate (Akta lahir/Ijazahterakhir/Surat nikah asli) one of them will be enough.
  • Your old passport which you need to extend (if it is a new passport application then it is not needed).
  • Copy all of the above documents on A4 paper. Do not cut it and do not copy 2 documents on one piece of paper (for example: do not copy ID Card together with your old passport on one paper). One document per A4 piece of paper.
  • The printed receipt of your online submission or your phone to show them your booking code (if you register through Whatsapp).

Oh btw, sometimes the Immigration offers a pop-up passport application and extension services. This is really useful because most of the time it is difficult to reserve your spot. To find one of these popup appointments you can stalk their social media accounts here:

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