Indef Call for Grand Design, For Online Transportation

The Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (Indef) assesses that the government needs to create a grand design that can be used as a guide for all stakeholders so that the presence of public transport based on application or online transportation provides optimum benefits.

Director of Indef Enny Sri Hartati said online transport is not just moving in the transportation sector.

Public transport-based apliksi, he said can enter on other sectors such as trade, tourism, finance, and so forth.

Currently, he added, the arrangements related to online transport in the country are partial and limited to the transportation sector only.

“However, it does not regulate or regulate comprehensively how the existence of this online transport, for example, to the trade, tourism, finance, and so forth,” said Enny in Jakarta on Thursday (3/8/2017).

He cited the government need to think about the rules of state revenue in transactions that occur on online transportation because it can be a tax object. Then, he added, the government also needs to think about the related banking sector with non-cash transactions.

“It should be mapped out whatever the connection and how the role of this application to many sectors earlier. That should be integrated if, for example, it is used for services of various services, “he said.

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