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India Interested in Pharmaceutical Works in Indonesia

Trade Minister Enggartiasto Lukita said so many Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers want to invest and market their products and produce their raw materials in Indonesia.

According to him, India is furiously fighting to match the price of patent medicines of multinational pharmaceutical manufacturers. The country mass produces a variety of raw materials and generic products to keep the price of its pharmaceutical products affordable.

However, the penetration of Indian pharmaceutical manufacturing products is still low in the country despite its competitive price and good quality. Especially according to him, Indonesia’s trade balance recorded a huge surplus with India.

 I have told Mrs. Menkes, try to find whatever medicines we still import from anywhere, we can get a much cheaper than India. But the  entry barrier  for India’s harmwood p- industry   goes here it’s still incredible, “he said recently.

Enggartiasto declared the need for a breakthrough for the development of pharmaceutical upstream. If there is absolutely no breakthrough, then it becomes a problem that continues to trigger the rise of medicinal prices in the country.

“The price of drugs is now more expensive. And now India is looking for an opportunity to come here, cooperate, and invest in the provision of raw materials. Just how to dismantle the  barrier  so that India can more easily enter, “he said.

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