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Indonesia is The Ninth World’s Safest Country. Top Singapore

Jakarta -Singapore came out as the world’s safest destination country for the third year in a row, while Indonesia ranked ninth, according to a Gallup survey agency.

According to the Gallup Law and Order Index, the score was taken from 142 countries using a combined 100 points. The research surveyed their beliefs about local police, personal security and theft, assault or mugging cases over the past year.

Besides Singapore and Indoneia, Asia’s safest areas also include Hong Kong.

For 2018 and 2017, Singapore topped the charts with 97 of 100 points. The city state also scored 93 points for the index published in 2016.
In second place together there are Norway, Iceland and Finland with 93 points.

“Two other Asian players in the Top 10 are Hong Kong and Indonesia, each scoring 91 and 89 points,” according to a Gallup document as quoted by, Thursday (21/6/2018).

On the other side of the index, Venezuela earned the title of “the least secure” with 44 points, while the score of Afghanistan 45 or the lowest, according to Gallup.

Only 17% of Venezuelans in 2017 say they feel safe walking alone in their area at night. That figure is almost the same as that experienced by Afghans (20%).

The index also showed that more Venezuelans (42%) reported owning property or money stolen last year, surpassing the previous year’s highs or 38% in 2016.

Globally, 69% of people say they have confidence in the police, while 68% say they feel safe walking alone at night where they live.

“In the most economically developed countries with strong rule of law, the majority of the population says they feel safe walking alone in their area at night,” according to Gallup.

Here are the top 10 safest countries in the world:

  1. Singapore (97)
  2. Norway (93)
  3. Iceland (93)
  4. Finland (93)
  5. Uzbekistan (91)
  6. Hong Kong (91)
  7. Switzerland (90)
  8. Canada (90)
  9. Indonesia (89)
  10. Denmark (88)

Source: Channelnewsasia

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