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Instagram Released IGTV, Here’s a YouTube Will Compete

The surprise at the end of June 2018 came from the world’s largest social media platform, Instagram. This photo sharing network has just launched an app to watch and make a long video specifically.

Reported by The Verge, Kevin Systrom as CEO Instagram is proud to introduce IGTV in his presentation in public. “This will be the best place to watch and share long videos,” he said. Even without hesitation, IGTV introduced will rival the existence of YouTube.

Recently launched, let’s introduce the excitement that can be obtained from IGTV through the following reviews.

Unexpected surprise from Instagram

IGTV is inspired by Instagram Stories which is very popular with Instagram users. With data collected over the past few years, it is certain that Mark Zuckerberg’s social media users have a high interest in sharing video sharing.

This app will connect users with photo and video sharing content directly without complications. Why without complicated? because users do not have to bother to menfollow back their favorite influencers in IGTV, because these applications inter-connected with existing data in Instagram accounts including followers and following.

Seriousness Instagram dominate the world social media market

IGTV will allow its users the chance to become a powerful video maker. Starting from a live video with a duration of 10 minutes to post video for hours. Instagram even convey to continue to be committed so that users can upload videos without time limit.

In addition, the Systrom guarantee IGTV will be free of ads that are considered disturbing as is often found in various other video networks. So any creative video content can grow well on IGTV and connect directly between the video maker and its fans.

One billion Instagram users will have an IGTV

In addition to launching new applications, Instagram also announced their user data that has reached 1 billion accounts spread across various countries. This further confirms the existence of Instagram that successfully surpassed its competitors in terms of number of users.

With such a large number of users, CEO Instagram is optimistic to get a positive response to IGTV. Can you imagine how exciting and booming it is if everyone uploads a video on IGTV within a day?

This app can start enjoying today both on iOS and Android. You have nyobain not ya? Do not miss the IGTV hype and get ready to follow your favorite video maker who will release their exciting content. Good luck!

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