Israel allegedly attacked Syria

Jakarta -Syria’s air defense system counteracts a missile attack that allegedly originated in Israel that was not previously involved in an attack on the country.

The two attacks target two Syrian air bases around midnight. The news was reported War Media, the army’s media wing as quoted, Selas (17/4/2018).

Six missiles aimed at Shayrat air base in Homs, the central province of Syria. Most of them, however, were successfully intercepted by the Syrian air defense system.

War Media also reported three other missiles targeting Dumair air base in Qalamoun region, north of Damascus. It’s just that all successfully intercepted before reaching the target.

Meanwhile, the Syrian government news agency, SANA reported an all-night attack on Homs. However, did not explain the details.
It is only said that the source of the attack is unknown, amid speculation that Israel is behind the attack.

The Pentagon has denied having held operations against the two mentioned bases. Shayrat Air Base was hit by a US missile strike in April 2017 over alleged chemical weapons attacks by Syrian troops in Idlib Province earlier.

The Pan Arab al-Mayadeen television station reported Dumair air base was attacked a day before a rebel evacuation deal in the region.

The latest attacks were launched as the United States, France and Britain conspired to stage missile strikes on several Syrian military positions in Damascus and Homs on Saturday (14/4/2018). The allegations are the same alleged use of chemical weapons by Syrian government forces.

According to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) activists, Israeli warplanes attacked T-4 airbase in Homs on April 9 and killed 14 soldiers, including Iranian militia.

Syrian state television station aired a still image as its air defense system intercepted missiles. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack after midnight, but US officials said that Washington had not planned any attacks other than missile strikes on Saturday.

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