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Jack Ma and Future Logistics Indonesia

JAKARTA – Not long ago the government decided Jack Ma as an e-commerce adviser Indonesia. The founder of Alibaba is believed to be able to contribute to the progress of e-commerce Indonesia.

The government certainly does not show origin. Jack Ma’s capacity in digital-based trading is unquestionable. The business he pioneered 18 years ago has now become the world’s giants, competing with Amazon and e-Bay.

The public must be wondering, what contribution can a Jack Ma give to Indonesia? Please note, in addition to Indonesia, the man whose real name is Ma Yun was first appointed as an advisor in Malaysia.

However, it should be noted that in addition to being an advisor, Jack Ma’s business machines also make our neighbor a logistic hub in Southeast Asia. An irony, considering Indonesia is often buzzed as a rising star e-commerce Asean.

As it is known, e-commerce and logistics can not be separated. Without good logistics management it is impossible for e-commerce to flourish.

General Chairman of the Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ALFI) Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi said, there is no need to expect big with Jack Ma’s appointment to Indonesia’s logistics industry.

“I think it’s normal, Jack Ma must accept it because there is an interest, but Indonesia has a big market, but it is not accompanied by Malaysia,” he told.

According to him, Indonesian logistics service actors are already ready to compete, including from the infrastructure side. This, he said, has started running since last two years.

He hopes the government can protect small domestic business. It’s no secret if local SMEs are difficult to develop due to the invasion of foreign products primarily from China.

While Chief Executive Officer Iruna eLogistics Yan Hendry Jauwena opinion, Jack Ma’s advice about e-commerce and national logistics system should not necessarily be done.

“We see what we can learn, but that does not mean all the advice should be done, because if it is not in accordance with our planning, then yes,” he explained.

However, he also hopes that business actors are narrow-minded, assuming Jack Ma’s presence as a form of economic colonization.

According to him, Indonesia can still learn to Jack Ma and Alibaba on how to empower SMEs through e-commerce.

Meanwhile, senior consultant of Supply Chain Indonesia (SCI) Zaroni said the government’s decision to appoint Jack Ma would be a stimulus for the development of e-commerce Indonesia.

The experience and network owned by the second richest man in China will open the access of e-commerce market of Indonesia to the regional and global ecosystem.

“The presence of Jack Ma will endorse global investors investing in Indonesia, from marketplace, product providers, application systems and e-commerce logistics companies,” he said.

In addition, the spirit of young Indonesian entrepreneurs to dare to set up e-commerce startup will be increasingly encouraged.

The government already has a road map alias e-commerce road map contained in Presidential Regulation No. 74 of 2017.

This Presidential Regulation is expected to encourage the achievement of Indonesia’s digital economy. The government’s ambition of valuing the domestic digital industry reaches US $ 130 billion by 2020.

There are 8 points set in the roadmap. One of them is about logistics governance. The government wants to utilize the national logistics system (sislognas) as the vein of e-commerce development.

The blueprint for Sislognas development has been enacted since 2012 in Presidential Regulation No. 26 of 2012.

It is interesting to see how much Jack Ma’s contribution to e-commerce and Indonesia’s logistics system. Is it just a name, or beneficial to the nation’s economy.

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