Jakarta Congestion Throughout 2018 Down 8%

JAKARTA – The level of congestion in Jakarta in 2018 has decreased to 8% with congestion rates becoming 53%.

This was conveyed by the TomTom Traffic Index, a congestion level measuring institution for cities in the world.

With this decline, Jakarta was ranked as the seventh most compact city in the world.

Jakarta’s congestion level in 2018 is also parallel with Istanbul and Bangkok which both have a 53% congestion rate.

The 5 cities that have congestion levels above Jakarta include Mumbai, India; Bogota, Colombia; Lima, Peru; New Delhi, India; and Moscow, Russia.

In 2017, Jakarta occupies the fourth position below Mumbai and New Delhi, India and Bogota, Colombia.

The highest congestion rate of 95% occurred on February 15, 2018 where there was a flood in Jakarta.

While the lowest congestion rate of 8% falls on June 18, 2018 which coincides with the Eid season.

Based on the TomTom Traffic Index, Jakarta congestion at night is higher than in the morning with 88% congestion at night and 63% during the day.

The additional travel time in Jakarta at night reaches 26 minutes every 30 minutes of travel, while the additional travel time in the morning per 30 minutes journey reaches 19 minutes.


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