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Jakarta Pampered Welcoming the 2018 Asian Games

DKI Jakarta is one of the places of the Asian Games 2018, in addition to Palembang.

To succeed the biggest sporting event in Asia, Jakarta prepare and improve itself. A number of policies are needed, such as an even-numbered policy whose area is expanded to break down congestion, prohibit the delman horse operates in the National Monument (Monas) area, and prepares Transjakarta, the pride of Jakarta citizens.

Jakarta Transportation Agency also tested the expansion of vehicle restrictions with odd-even scheme to artery path and will be applied before the 2018 Asian Games.

Odd even Rule

Deputy Head of Dishubtrans DKI Sigit Widjatmoko said that this odd-even scheme trial was implemented from July 2, 2018 to July 31, 2018. In addition, this trial also extends the time from vehicle barriers to odd-even schemes, from 6:00 to 21:00 WIB, previously valid with two periods, namely at 06.00-10.00 WIB and 18.00-20.00 WIB.

Not only extend the time, Jakarta Transportation Agency will also add to the day of restriction of vehicles with odd-even schemes on Saturday and Sunday, which previously only applies from Monday to Friday.

This rule will be effective on August 1, 2018 during the Asian Games which is expected to break down the congestion in order to succeed Jakarta as host of the 2018 Asian Games.

The expansion of vehicle restrictions with odd-even schemes is enforced on S. Parman Road, Gatot Subroto, MT Haryono, D.I Panjaitan, Jalan Ahmad Yani, Pioneer of Independence. Even odd system also applies in Jalan H. Benyamin Sueb, Central Jakarta.

Then, Artery Road Pondok Indah also enforced the rules. Finally, HR Rasuna Said Road will also be subject to restrictions on vehicles with even odds.

These road segments add to the rules previously applied at Jalan Sudirman-MH Thamrin and part of Jalan Gatot Subroto.

Horse Tour Delman

The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta prohibits the usual delman operating in the National Monument (Monas) area during the 2018 Asian Games.

The ban will start on August 1 through September 30, so no delman may operate around Monas, Central Jakarta.

The prohibition is to anticipate the transmission of the virus, because all the horses that will compete from the countries that participate in the Games are placed in the arena Rawamangun and to anticipate the health of the horses that will compete, then with a radius of 10 km there should be no other horses.

During the ban, the usual delegators operating in the Monas area will operate in Kota Tua and Ragunan. Later, if there is a delman owner who still operates in the Monas area on a predetermined date, it will be given strict sanctions by giving a ban on beropreasi.


DKI Jakarta Provincial Government will prepare 1,500 Transjakarta bus fleets to transport the audience to the venue of the Asian Games, so that the citizens of DKI Jakarta and surrounding areas who want to watch the Games do not need to carry a private vehicle.

Head of Public Relations of PT Transjakarta, Wibowo,, Saturday (7/7/2018), said that for private vehicle users, parking pockets will be provided which are determined by the Jakarta Transportation Agency.

Transjakarta as Official Support for Asian Games 2018 also prepares 300 low entry bus fleets to take and pick up athletes from athletes’ homestead to game locations in Gelora Bung Karno, Taman Mini Pencak Silat Building, Pulomas, Cibubur.

The length of the low entry bus 12 meters with a passenger capacity of 73 people, has 34 seats for passengers, and carrying 37 passengers standing, in addition there are 2 places for wheelchair users. Production cost for one bus about Rp 2.1 billion.

Transjakarta to support athletes, it will give access to the closest to the venue, prepare a tour with Transjakarta Bus.

Asian Games Park

Jakarta Forestry Agency continues to replace Jakarta face by continuously doing development and arrangement of parks. All work is targeted to be completed on July 22, 2018. The concentration of work at this time is the arrangement of the park around the venue, homestead Kemayoran athletes, around Lake Sunter.

Djafar Muchlisin, Head of Jakarta Forestry Agency, said that for now the arrangement of all work has reached the stage of 85% and believes all the work will be completed before July 22nd.

Meanwhile, for the expenses spent on the construction and arrangement of this park amounted to Rp8 billion.
The Forest Service coordinates with INASGOC to decorate and socialize the Asian Games in a number of parks and public places, such as in Menteng Park, Hotel Indonesia Roundabout, National Monument Area.

INASGOC performs the installation of Asian Games mascot trinkets in a number of strategic places to introduce and socialize the 2018 Asian Games which will take place in Jakarta and Palembang.

The colors of Jakarta

A number of public places and facilities in DKI Jakarta are now becoming more colorful ahead of the 2018 Asian Games.

Jakarta is beautifying itself, like a wall above the Senen underpass, Central Jakarta. This bridge is now more colorful than previously scratched, dirty, and unkempt.

Based on the monitoring of Business, seen an officer of PPSU (Handling Infrastructure and Public Facilities) from Kramat village painted the underpass wall located on the outskirts of Jalan Kramat Bunder, Senen.

Chief of Kramat Suparjo said, painting the wall according to the instructions of the governor and mayor in order to welcome the Asian Games.

“Painting the color to make it more beautiful, more beautiful because a lot of graffiti if it is not good, besides the graffiti also, to welcome the arrival of the Asian Games,” reported by Bisnis Indonesia on Saturday (7/7/2018).

In addition, the Monas area looks much more colorful and beautiful, the walls around the Monas now appear more colorful and more interesting when viewed.

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