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Jakarta Provincial Government Shoots Investment Rp100 Trillion

Jakarta -Jakarta Capital City’s One Stop Investment and Service Center (DPMPTSP) targets capital investment target of Rp100 trillion in 2018.

Jakarta is home to as many as 10.1 million people, even that number could increase to as many as 12 million people during working hours.

Jakarta is the center of trade and the economy of the country with a predicted economic outlook remains strong. DPMPTSP estimates Jakarta inflation rate to reach 2.3% or lower than national inflation.

Supported by an area of ​​662.33 km and supported by highly skilled manpower available in Jakarta, Jakarta has become one of the most promising places for investment growth. The current Capital Economy is contributed by the trade, manufacturing, construction, transportation, warehousing, information communication, financial and insurance sectors, as well as the retail sector.

Therefore, the potential is tried to introduce DPMPTSP to potential investors in events such as Jakarta Business Forum on April 8, 2018 and then at Taj Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The Jakarta Business Forum is an investment forum implemented by the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI) Abu Dhabi, UAE.

“The main objective of the Jakarta Business Forum is to allow UAE businessmen to meet directly with business representatives from Jakarta, it is hoped that with this forum the realization of investment and cooperation can soon be established,” said Head of DPMPTSP DKI Jakarta Province, Edy Junaedi in a press release on Monday / 4/2018).

He said it would be easier for UAE investors to realize their investment in Jakarta.

“We will prepare a red carpet for UAE investors by guarding all licensing and non-licensing processes as well as realization of investment from start to finish, end to end,” he added.

The delegation from the participating city government was 20 people led by TGUPP Chairman, Amin Subekti, DPMPTSP Head of DKI Jakarta Province, Edy Junaedi, and Regent of Kepulauan Seribu District Administration Irmansyah. The participating Regional Government Enterprises (BUMD) delegations consist of PD Pasar Jaya, Sarana Jaya Development PD, PT Jakarta Propertindo, PT Pulomas Jaya, PT MRT Jakarta and PT JIEP.

The various projects offered to potential investors such as Pasar Jaya Distribution Channel (Traditional Market Revitalization), Pulomas Office Park, PuloMas City (Ria-Rio), Jakarta Equestrian Park (Ria-Rio), JakPro Waterfront City, Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Lebak Bulus to Tangerang Selatan, TOD Cipete District, TOD Bundaran HI, TOD Tanah Abang Primary Center (SPTA), TOD Lebak Bulus, JIEP Urbantown, and tourism development in Kepulauan Seribu.

As is known, DPMPTSP DKI Jakarta Province is the Local Device Work Unit (SKPD) which has the position as the executing element of government affairs in the field of investment and the provision of licensing and non-licensing services. DPMPTSP currently has 316 ‘service points’ or Implementation Units scattered in the Village Office, District, City / District Administration and City Hall of DKI Jakarta Province.

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