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Japan is interested in Indonesian elderly nurses and skilled workers


Jakarta – With conducive employment conditions, friendly work attitudes, and superior ability of Indonesian workers, many are the target of Japanese companies.

“Japanese investors are ready to accommodate graduates of Indonesian education and training to work in their business in Indonesia,” said Manpower Minister M. Hanif Dhakiri, quoted from the resminyq statement on Thursday (10/25/2018).

He said the government would follow up with apprenticeship programs for graduates of Vocational Training Centers (BLK) in Japanese companies and also send elderly nurses to Japan.

“So the form of apprenticeship and placement of skilled labor,” said Hanif.

The Ministry of Manpower plans to build an elderly nurse training center. “Later elderly nurses skilled workers are not only for Japan, but for the US and Canada as well, because demand from these countries is also high,” he said.

Some developed countries are experiencing incidents where the elderly population is more numerous, so building an elderly nurse center is considered a good step.

In addition to skilled nurses for the elderly, Indonesian engineers are also recognized by Japan. “There are around 30 Indonesian engineers who occupy managerial positions in Japanese companies,” he said.

The good of Japan, said Hanif, their workers who work in Indonesia transfer knowledge very well. Thus, the number of Japanese workers in Indonesia is small because of the transfer of knowledge.

“Our idea is that if we accept foreign workers, they must transfer knowledge, and that is done by Japan. That’s very good,” he concluded.

Saitama Prefecture Governor, Kiyoshi Ueda, acknowledged that Indonesian workers have good skills and ability to learn quickly.

“Ethics in working Indonesian workers are very good, that’s very important in the work environment,” Kiyoshi said.


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