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JICT Strike Day 5: Heating, Directors JICT Signage Blockade

The Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT) workers’ strike situation began to heat up, following the steps of the Board of Directors of PT. JICT is sterilizing in the strike area and blockading the entrance of JICT office by placing private security officers, since at 07.00 am, Monday.

This is the 5th day, a strike by the Jakarta International Container Terminal (SPJICT) Workers Union. SPJICT itself plans to hold a strike for 3-10 August 2017.

Business Monitoring on Monday hundreds of JICT workers who have come to the office since this morning keep doing strike by gathering and just sitting in the parking lot area in front of JICT office lobby.

There have been several tensions and arguments between workers who went on strike with security officers deployed by Pelindo II and JICT management who conducted barricades sterilization of the strike area.

SPJICT Secretary General, Mokhammad Firmansyah Sukardiman said that today’s conditions and situation are increasingly proving the repressive steps taken by the Directors of PT JICT.

“Directors of JICT even more repressive and arrogant by sterilizing the strike area at the JICT office on Monday morning at 07.00 pm,” he said on Monday.

According to Firmansyah, the JICT Board of Directors continues to survive with increasing service losses, even 6-7 times greater than the rights of hundreds of workers who were indicted due to the illegal contract extension of JICT Volume II which BPK has submitted through the results of an investigative audit.

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