Jisdor Rate Determined 14,380, Rupiah Strengthens Sharply in the Spot Market

JAKARTA – The rupiah exchange rate touched the position of IDR 14,380 per US dollar based on the Jakarta Interbank Spot Dollar Rate (Jisdor) reference rate today, Wednesday (12/19/2018).

Data published by Bank Indonesia this morning placed the Jisdor reference rate at Rp14,380 per US dollar, up 143 points or 0.98% from Rp14,523 on Tuesday (12/17).

Meanwhile, based on Bloomberg data, the rupiah exchange rate in the spot market was observed to increase 131 points or 0.9% to the level of Rp14,370 per US dollar at 10.01 WIB.

The rupiah exchange rate began to continue its strengthening by opening appreciated 0.46% or 66 points at Rp14,435 per US dollar, after trading on Tuesday (18/12) was able to close up 79 points or 0.54% to the level of Rp14,501 per US dollar.

During this morning’s trade, the rupiah moved in the range of Rp14,352 to Rp14,435 per US dollar.

Meanwhile, the movement of the US dollar index (US) which tracks the movement of the US dollar against a number of major world currencies, this morning was observed to weaken 0.239 points or 0.25% to the level of 96.865 at 10.34 WIB.

Previously, the US dollar index opened 0.2% lower or 0.194 points to 96.910, after the end of trading on Tuesday (18/12), the dollar index closed higher only 0.004 points to 97.104.

Jakarta Interbank Spot Dollar Rate Reference Rate (Jisdor / Rupiah)

December 19 :- 14,380

December 18th :- 14,523

December 17 :- 14,617

December 14th :- 14,538

December 13 :- 14,536

Source: Bank Indonesia


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