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Jokowi Ensure the Toll Price Reduction Spirit for Cost Efficiency Logistics

Jakarta -Minister of Public Works and People’s Housing Basuki Hadimuljono said President Joko Widodo asked for a tariff reduction only for the cost efficiency of logistics transportation.

After reporting the study of tariff reduction tariff to the President, Basuki said it was reviewing the possibility of tariffs for groups 1 and 2 not lowered.

“The President also said, look, group 1 and 2 do not down, because of his passion for logistics,” he said at the Presidential Palace Complex on Tuesday (27/3/18).

He said basically the President agreed with the study given, namely with the addition of concessions and regrouping.

The mechanism to extend the concession can be done in all toll roads, which is done by looking at cash deficiency support (CDS). In the future, each segment will be calculated, by looking at the decrease in income difference, so that the debt service is closed.

Basuki said the CDS calculation will be done jointly with the Minister of Finance, and immediately reported during the President’s working visit to Madiun, East Java, Thursday (30/3/18).

“Mr. President asked for the end of this month, I said okay, I counted and I reported it in Madiun because there was an inauguration there.” He said okay, “he said.

To ensure the availability of CDS funds, the minister plans to invite PT SMI. Previously PT SMI has provided CDS in Bakauheni Toll Road Project – Terbanggi Besar in Lampung Province.

Basuki added there was a request for CDS support. In addition, also tax holiday, as well as the rule of one dimention overload (ODOL).

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