KAI: Total 38% of Lebaran Train Tickets Left

Jakarta -By the end of Lebaran, train tickets have almost sold out and now there are less than half of them.

Director of Commercial and Information Technology of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) Apriyono Wedi Chresnanto said that train tickets for Lebaran 2018 will be around 38%.

“If the H-1 until H-4 Lebaran would have been exhausted, but if the H-5 ticket up to H-10 there is still left about 38%,” he said as quoted by Tempo, Tuesday (29/05/2018).

According to Apriyono, train tickets prepared by KAI are still available quite a lot. That is, because travelers have not bought a ticket home after Lebaran homecoming.

“The back flow is not yet, still empty also its contraflow,” he said.

KAI appealed for travelers to travel faster home so that the flow of homecoming is not too dense. Moreover, the government set Lebaran holiday long enough so that the travelers can be early to make traditions back home kampong.

“Our hope is because the holidays are extended, our advice to our customers is to return home on H-10 or H-9 ahead of Lebaran alone,” said Apriyono.

In addition, KAI also provides free homecoming tickets. Of the total 1,520 tickets provided, there are still about 30% free tickets for travelers.

“Our free ticket ticket is still available for 404 tickets, please register it is free for free, it is Jakarta to the east, it’s there, just open it on KAI site,” he added.

Source: Tempo


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