Lebak Beware Forest Fire & Settlements

RANGKASBITUNG -Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Lebak District reminds residents to be aware of forest fires and settlements in connection with the dry season early April 2018.

“We for the last 3 days recorded seven houses in a number of districts burned,” said Chief Executive BPBD Lebak Kaprawi in Lebak, Banten, on Saturday (31/3/2018).

During this time, the fire is prone to enter the dry season so people need to be vigilant in order not to cause disaster victims.

Most of the fire settlements in Lebak District due to short circuit  so that triggered sparks.

In addition, gas and kerosene stoves and cooking stoves of firewood.

In fact, a fire that destroyed five houses on Thursday (29/3) in District Cileles due to electrical short circuit.

Currently, the condition of Lebak Regency began to enter the dry season, so it is reminded people should be wary of fire danger.

Potential fires are quite likely during the dry season, especially residential areas and forests.

“We ask the residents to do fire prevention in the dry season by checking the power lines as well as putting out stoves and cooking stoves of firewood,” he said.

According to him, usually the fires that hit the Bedouin settlements during the dry season due to forgot to turn out the outboard lights also leave the fireplace and firewood is not extinguished firewood.

In addition, it also asks residents not to throw cigarette butts into the bush because it can trigger forest fires.

During the dry season, he said, people should be more aware of the dangers of fire, both living in housing and forest areas.

Warning of vigilance, because entering the summer so easy to cause sparks that cause fire.

“We ask the Baduy people before going to the fields and garden first see the stove to ensure there is no fire,” he said.

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