Lion Air Group Ready to Add 20 Aircraft Units

JAKARTA – Lion Air Group will add 20 units of aircraft this year. The addition of the fleet is intended to support the expansion of the low-cost airline routes.

Danang M. Prihartono, Corporate Communications at Lion Air Group, declined to mention the allocation of funds needed to bring the aircraft. The type of aircraft imported is ATR-72 500 with a capacity of 72 passengers.

“We will add 20 units of aircraft to Wings Air, some prepared for new flight routes that are still proposed,” said Danang, Sunday (11/3/2018).

He added the expansion as Wings Air’s commitment in providing feeders for Lion Air Group flight routes. In addition to serving the tourism and economic sectors.

On February 7, 2018, Wings Air has opened an intra-province route of Jambi that connects Jambi City, Muara Bungo Regency, and Kerinci Regency. The airline’s red wing logo provides seven flights a week.

The purpose of opening the route is due to high demand. Available flights can shorten travel time as long as the access between these areas requires 6 hours of landline.

“If using air line Jambi travel time to Muara Bungo or Muara Bungo to Kerinci in under 60 minutes,” he said.

Wings Air expanded its flight routes to North and East Kalimantan. Flights start from Malinau via Seluwing Malinau Airport to Balikpapan via Sultan Aji International Airport Muhammad Sulaiman and vice versa.

The expansion is carried out not only for domestic routes, as the international flight route Pontianak – Miri will open on March 15, 2018. The flight route is to increase aircraft utility to Malaysia.

Wings Air previously claimed to successfully open the route Pontianak to Kuching, Sarawak in January 2018.

Wings Air, he continued, will continue to expand by connecting major cities to the district or sub-district. It is in accordance with its functions and tasks in connecting pioneer category routes as well as feeder to major cities in Indonesia.

Danang said Wings Air has flown to more than 107 domestic and international destinations with frequencies reaching 300 flights per day. The number of fleets reached 54 units of aircraft type ATR 72-500 / 600.

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