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Malaysia Wants to Build Underwater Tunnel to Sumatra

Jakarta -Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the Malaysian government plans to build an underwater tunnel connecting Bagan Datuk, Malaysia and Sumatra, Indonesia.

Zahid Hamidi made the remark during a National Transformation 2050 event at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) on Sunday (18/3/2018), as reported by local media in Kuala Lumpur on Monday.

He said the US $ 20 billion or RM78 billion project is expected to increase the linkage between Malaysia and Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

“The basic idea has been approved but it is too early to say because it needs to get approval from the Malaysian and Indonesian governments, the state government, the Environmental Impact Assessment report (EIA) in addition to complying with international regulations,” he said in Kuala Lumpur as reported today between Monday / 3/2018).

Zahid Hamidi said Datuk Chart becomes the preferred location on the Peninsula because the tunnel will be connected to West Coast Coastal Toll planned for 2020.

“Physical studies have received graduation on a basic basis but still require an EIA assessment when interested investors need to get permission from the Malaysian and Indonesian Governments,” he said.

Businesses are trying to find the location of Datuk Chart in Google Maps. If calculated with Google Maps, the closest land distance from Datuk Chart to the east coast of Sumatra Island is approximately 167 kilometers.

Meanwhile, the cluster filling that will change the image of Datuk Chart is the improvement of the Datuk-Sejagop Bagan Bridge network, the expansion of the four-lane road, the improvement of the dock status and the first and second transcendary forest shortcuts.

Datuk chart has a polytechnic, MARA Science Low School (MRSM) and Tahfiz Darul Ridzuan Secondary School and a digital library.

The housing sector is also given the attention of 500 units of the People’s Housing Project (PPR) and 1,039 Housing 1Malaysia (PPA1M) units to be built and planned in 2021.

Datuk Charts will have a commercial plant following an automotive plant operating in the venue and Peripheral Heavy Industries of the Perak State (PHIP) which is planned to be built in a region rich with the coconut.

In an effort to improve the safety aspect of Datuk Bagan Regional Police Headquarters (IPD) will be ready to be built in November 2021.

“A sports complex will be built and planned to be ready by 2021 when the Tuminah Hamidi Mosque under construction will be ready next year to fill the balance of the hereafter and the world,” said Zahid who is also a member of parliament Bagan Datuk.

Zahid said that for the various community groups a crematorium would be built for the ease of the Indian class and the purchase of land for development that the Chinese community uses in Bagan Datuk.

There are also projects ready for the Datuk Waterfront Chart, Datuk Bagan Port and two Kindergarten Recreational Parks in the Melintang Forest.

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