McLaren Jakarta Collaborates with McLaren Singapore and McLaren Kuala Lumpur

JAKARTA – McLaren Jakarta together with McLaren Singapore & McLaren Kuala Lumpur held a track day collaboration for McLaren car owners.

A total of 33 McLaren cars ranging from MP4-12C, 570S series, 650S series and even 720S series line up neatly form the formation of the parade as the opening of the first Southeast Asian track day.

McLaren Jakarta brought 13 special cars departing from Jakarta and Bandung as well as a series of touring programs from Malaysia to Singapore 2018 with McLaren Club Indonesia.

McLaren Jakarta CEO Irmawan Poedjoadi hopes that McLaren owners will enjoy the rare opportunity to try their cars at the Sepang F1 circuit in Malaysia.

“And also this is the first time we have brought McLaren Club Indonesia abroad for an event like this,” Irmawan said in a press release received by Bisnis Indonesia on Saturday (11/10/2018).

He said, participants were divided into 3 categories: beginner, intermediate and advanced based on each participant’s abilities and their experience on the track.

Participants from Jakarta, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur mingled together based on these categories. Sighting lap starts as an introduction to each track.

Afterwards, the participants were allowed to try out the track and also could request a private session with the instructor which ended with hot laps.

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