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Members of Satpol PP Killed by Sedan

Probolinggo – A sedan car hit a motorcycle in the pantura line precisely in the Village Banjar Sari Sumberasih Probolinggo District. The collision made the motorcyclist dead.

Known motor rider named Karyo Widodo (29) citizens Nguling, Pasuruan. The victim is a member of Satpol PP Kota Probolinggo.

“Sedan car is trying to precede the vehicle in front of him,” said Abdul Samad, one of the eyewitnesses at the scene, Saturday (28/10/2017).

From the information collected, Sedan Car bernopol P 1784 LL was drive from the east. Allegedly the car broke the road marker when preceding the vehicle in front of him.

From the opposite direction passes the victim riding a motorcycle. Inevitably, a violent crash occurred. The victim was bounced and had been dragged along about 15 meters.

Kasatlantas Probolinggo City Police AKP Alpo Gohan said, based on the results of the crime scene, ascertained the wrong sedan driver, overtaking in the long road marker line.

“The driver of the sedan is certainly wrong because it overtakes the vehicle in the long line of road markings that eventually hit the victim to death,” said Alpo.

Alpo mentions that sedan drivers are members of the TNI. Therefore he submitted the concerned to Denpom.

“Sedan drivers are members of the TNI, so we hand them over to Denpom,” said Alpo.

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