Miniso, Japanese Fashion Product Open Shop at Beachwalk of Bali

Miniso, a Japanese fashion and home-based brand, re-opened the second storefront at Beachwalk Bali, Kuta.

Miniso Chief Designer Miyake Junya says this brand is a guarantee of quality products but with affordable prices.

“We are present in Indonesia by upholding the commitment to the philosophy of simple, natural, and quality lifestyle,” he said as in a news release on Sunday (29/10/2017).

Miniso was founded in Tokyo by Miyake and young entrepreneur from China, Ye Guofu. Currently Miniso has spread over 2,000 stores worldwide that each year each visited more than 100 thousand consumers.

Miyake said in 2013 Miniso fully acquired GuangZhou Consortium. Since then the brand has developed a market in China and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with 40 countries including the United States, Canada, Russia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Miniso is committed to providing technological equipment, household utensils, accessories, stationeries and other high-quality equipment, unique designs, and affordable prices.

“In the future we will bring more types of products in Indonesia in order to meet a quality lifestyle,” he said.

Miyake calls Indonesia a growing and important market. Therefore, he opened a second outlet in international tourist destinations and chose Beachwalk Bali as a strategic location.

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