Ministry of Home Affairs Provides Support for Pilkada Financing

Jakarta -The Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) through the local government ensures budget support for the implementation of regional elections (Pilkada) in 2018 simultaneously in 171 regions in Indonesia.

This budget support is made through the Regional Grant Agreement Document (NPHD).

Kemendagri conducts guidance and monitoring in the channeling of NPHD funds, which has already been realized about 83% of the 171 constituent elections in 2018.

“There is no problem with the budget, where 100% has been prepared and until now approximately 83% have been realized,” said Director General (Dirjen) Implementation and Accountability Regional Finance Kemendagri Sumule Tumbo, Saturday (23/06/2018).

He said the total allocation of NPHD for the 2018 elections amounted to Rp19.11 trillion, which was distributed by the Regional Government (Pemda) to the General Election Commission (KPU), the Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu), and the security of the TNI and Polri.

Funds are disbursed through the request of the organizer as a party who knows more about the funding needs of Pilkada. The organizers simply ask for the funds to be directly transferred to the related parties.

“When asked to be directly transferred. Cash not allowed. In the grant agreement agreed by both parties, the local government and recipients, from Kemendagri only monitor, “continued Sumule.

He explains the regulation should be no region owed due to election funding. The reason, the organizers are considered more know the needs of each and if there are cases like this then need to be explored.

“After the implementation there will be a Letter of Accountability (SPJ) that will be reported later will be caught,” added Sumule.

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