Ministry of Industry Make sure the Government Guarantees Supply of Raw Materials, Asked for Industrial Garbage Scarcity

JAKARTA – Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartarto asserted the government will protect investment in Indonesia by guaranteeing the supply of raw materials.

As is known, currently reported there are several factories that stop operating because of lack of salt supply, one of which infusion factory located in Surabaya. Industries affected by their operations due to salt supply problems include food and beverages, paper, pharmaceuticals, and salt processors.

Food and beverage industry actors have also urged the government to realize the import of industrial salt because some factories are threatened to stop operating. “The existing investment, must be raw materials,” he said in Jakarta, Thursday (15/3/2018).

According to him, if the problem of industrial salt supply is not resolved soon will disturb the existing industry. Not only have an impact on production to meet domestic demand, but will also disrupt supply for overseas markets.

Currently, about 450 manufacturing companies need salt as raw materials and auxiliary materials. Until now the domestic production of salt is called not meet the industry quality standards.

The NaCl requirement for chemical industry is 97% and for consumption is at least 94%. Besides having to meet the quality, salt for industry should also have competitive price and have supply guarantee.

Airlangga believes that the problem of importing salt for industry does not need to be a polemic because it is the same as other industrial raw materials that need to be imported because domestic can not yet fulfill, such as steel for automotive.

“There is an infusion factory that stopped operating, then contact lens factory, chemical plant, this labor must be protected,” he said.

In relation to the monitoring effort of industrial salt import, Airlangga said it is considering the production of local salt farmers. “The industry if there is a national salt production must be absorbed,” he said.

On a separate occasion, Coordinating Minister for the Economy Darmin Nasution said government regulations related to the salt supply issue for the industry would come out on Friday (16/3/2018).

Darmin said the government would solve the salt problem. As is known, industry players, especially the food and beverage industry, need a supply of salt for production purposes. At this time, the salt stock is insufficient so that imports are needed.

“Tomorrow is also finished,” said Darmin when asked when PP about salt will be published on Thursday (15/3/2018) in the Presidential Palace.

Darmin has not been willing to explain the contents of the PP. According to him, the PP will be explained after the regulation has come out. Darmin also has not been pleased to detail the quota of salt imports. Nevertheless, Darmin stated the existence of PP as the legal basis.


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