MOC: Three Policies of Toll Gate Bekasi Successful enough

Jakarta -The implementation of the three policies at the toll booth of Bekasi Barat and Timur is considered quite successful.

Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi said this is visible from the traffic density decreased 36% to 39%. The condition affects the speed of vehicles up to 22%.

“There are two to three patterns by passengers or car owners, they leave early, about 6% to 11%, while others by changing routes, originally passing Bekasi west-east, moving to Tambun and other toll gates,” said Budi Karya, Sunday (18/3/2018).

According to him, the change of pattern is in line with the expectation to change the condition of West Bekasi toll road which had become a traffic jam.

Not only that, the number of trucks passing through the toll roads also decreased by 61%.

Regarding the decline in the number of trucks passing by, Vice Chairman Aptrindo Kyatmaja Lookman said as long as the policy goes on the truck entrepreneurs wait more.

“More day and morning,” said Kyatmaja who is also CEO of Lookman Djaja this.

In this case, he hopes the government or Kemenhub facilitates trucking entrepreneurs to conduct meetings with other stakeholders. In this case he calls the Depo, the port and the region. They are also expected to adjust their working hours.

“We hope they open more night, not at 17:00 close but at 20.00, especially for the logistics and distribution,” he said.

Related to the limitation of truck operational hours, Kyatmaja said there was no economic impact. So far it has an impact on truckers working hours.

“So far the pity of the driver, they are so much longer waiting,” he said.

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