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Nam Air Serve Soon For Route Mimika-Jayawijaya

Nam Air will soon serve the route of Mimika-Jayawijaya flight, Papua Province, after the issuance of permission from the Directorate General of Air Transportation, said Head of Airport Service Unit (UPBU) Class I Wamena Rasburhany in Wamena, Jayawijaya Regency, Monday (25/09/2017).

In addition to Nam Air, some airlines have also applied for a flight permit to Wamena Airport, but are still waiting for flight permission issued from DGCA.

“For the Mimika-Wamena route, there are several airlines that are proposing to serve the flights, such as Nam Air and planned to be operational by the end of August, but there may be administrative issues to be solved so that they are not yet operational and we hope that in the near future, he said.

The type of Nam Air plane planned to fly serving Mimika Jayawijaya destination is the 500 series.

Rasburhany explained that the Mimika-Wamena flight will greatly help the people who have been traveling to Wamena more through the route of Jayapura, whereas the Jayawijaya people living in Mimika are quite a lot.

“We see the phenomenon of several years, on average at the end of December there is a special transportation Jayawijaya people who work in Timika (capital of Mimika Regency) so that with this flight people do not have to go to Jayapura before Jayawijaya, meaning that they can be from Mimika direct Jayawijaya, “he continued.

Rasburhany also said he would open pioneer cargo flights to four isolated areas in the central highlands of Papua, for example two locations in Trikora District, Jayawijaya District and Mapenduma District of Nduga District and Mugi District in Yahukimo District.

“Related to cargo pioneer transportation, from the budget down there is an allocation for Anggolok (Village in Jayawijaya District) and has been done a review to the location,” he said.

Related to when this pioneer cargo flight is done, the Wamena Airport is still waiting for regulations issued by the Ministry of Trade related to what items will be transported to the four regions.

“After the regulation is issued, then we will from the airport will conduct an auction related to which airline will carry cargo to it,” he said.

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