New Bintan Airport Will Serve 1 Million Tourists

TANJUNG PINANG -PT Bintan Resort Cakrawala targets at least 1 million foreign tourists to visit Bintan, Riau Islands by 2020 along with the operation of New Bintan Airport.

General Manager of PT Bintan Resort Cakrawala Abdul Wahab said the target could be realized if New Bintan Airport operates as planned in 2020.

“The airport is a key element to attract many foreign tourists to Bintan,” he said in a presentation welcoming participants of Airlines Airport Airnav Authority Gathering 2018 at Bintan Airport & Aerospace Industry Park in Bintan, Friday (23/3/2018).

According to him, Bintan can be a competitor of Bali in terms of attracting many foreign tourists to Indonesia because on the island there are many good hotels and resorts.

Currently, Abdul explained Bintan Resort manages about 2,000 rooms with an average tourist potential of Bintan per year reaching 400,000 foreign tourists per year.

To become an international resort has at least 5,000 hotel rooms. About the next 10 years, strictly speaking, the number of rooms will be around 10,000 rooms.

Managing Director of PT Bintan Aviation Investments, Michael BK Wudy, explained that the company will build Bintan airport with a runway of 3,000m that can serve Boeing 777-300 type aircraft as the aviation industry continues to grow rapidly.

“We will build Bintan Airport with a hub terminal model that can handle 20 million passengers-30 million passengers,” said Michael.

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