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NIK and KK Will Be Used For Open Social Media Account

JAKARTA – The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kemkominfo) is considering the use of Identity Number (NIK) KTP and Kartu Keluarga (KK) to open accounts in social media in order to minimize the spread of fake news or hoaks by unscrupulous social media users.

Director General of Information and Public Communication (IKP) in Kemkominfo, Niken Widiastuti said the plan is considered to minimize the circulation of false news or hoaks that had been troubling the community.

It is said, the use of NIK on KTP and KK on prepaid card registration is considered quite successful, so it will also be applied to the account owner in social media.

“I think this plan is pretty good and should be considered, so if account owners can account for what they post on social media,” he said on Tuesday (13/3/2018).

Kemkominfo will also work with the police to minimize false news or hoaks in social media. The police now have a cyber patrol team to monitor the entire movement of a hoax spreader account for immediate action.

“The police already have a cyber patrol team to tackle the hoax, yes, we will cooperate with the police,” said Niken.

Described scavenging machine owned by Kemkominfo purchased from PT INTI Rp198 billion is still considered not able to help overcome hoaks, because the machine is only two months of work.
He is optimistic that the cooperation between Kemkominfo and the police is considered to be more effective and well targeted to pursue the perpetrators of hoaks spreaders in social media.

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