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North Korea Test Three more Ballistic Missiles, Everything Fails

The North Korean regime fired three short-range ballistic missiles Saturday morning from the eastern coast of the country.

The US and South Korean military said the three missiles ended in failure. In fact, one of them exploded shortly after being fired, The Guardian reported.

The launch of the three short-range missiles comes as the US and its allies are holding a military drill that North Korea calls the preparation for the invasion.

The US Pacific Military Command detected the launch of three short-range ballistic missiles. Two projectiles failed in exploration and the third exploded instantaneously after being fired.

According to the Pacific Command, the three missiles posed no threat to the US and Guam mainland in the Pacific, which earlier this month threatened to be “in a lake of fire” by North Korea.

The South Korean military said several short-range projectiles had been fired from the coast of Kangwon province and darted 250 kilometers to the northeast before finally crashing into the sea.


The US and South Korean spy authorities are currently analyzing the path of the projectile and other data to identify the three missiles.

“The military is closely monitoring North Korea to anticipate further provocation,” the North’s official added.

North Koreans tend to test ballistic missiles or other projectiles – including long-range rocket launchers – in reaction to a joint US-South Korean military exercise.

Tens of thousands of South Korean and US troops participated in joint military exercises encompassing “Ulchi Freedom Guardian”, a two-week computer simulation.

The exercise comes a few weeks after North Korea and the United States waged a war of words that led to a North Korean threat to fire missiles at a US military base in Guam.

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