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Nyepi Internet Services Resumes in Bali

Jakarta – Nyepi Internet or a day without Internet connection in Bali to honor Hindus who celebrate Nyepi run smoothly.

In an official statement received by Business on Sunday (19/3/2018), Head of the Indonesian Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (BRTI) Ahmad M. Ramli said it has been monitoring continuously from Saturday (17/3/2018) at 06.00 Wita until ended on Sunday (18/3/2018) at 06.00 Wita.

According to him, during the program, all residents in Bali are disconnected from the Internet network except those around the vital objects.

“From this monitoring telecommunication operators have taken optimal steps and Internet access can be off-cut unless it is related to vital objects and public interests such as hospitals, police stations, or firefighters,” he said.

It also appreciated the cooperation of various parties ranging from operators, telecommunications industry players, to members of the House of Representatives (DPR) which has helped smooth the instruction Nyepi Internet. He hopes the opportunity nyepi internet can start wise behavior to the Internet.

“The meaning of Nyepi Day this year that goes without Internet access for the people of Bali is also an important moment to start medsos without hoaks, more wise to the Internet, and avoid negative content,” he explained.

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