Pawnshops Change Waste to Gold in Banjarmasin

BANJARMASIN — Turning waste into gold is no longer a dream. PT Pegadaian (Persero) realized it through the Clean & Gold The Gade Program.

PT Pegadaian Harianto Widodo’s Director of Marketing and Product Development – when launching this program in Banjarmasin City – said The Gade Clean & Gold invites all people in North Alalak, Banjarmasin to care for the environment by capitalizing waste into Gold Savings.

“We will provide debriefing to collect and process waste, then convert it to Gold Savings. With the large number of garbage banks in the area, Pegadaian comes with the Environmental Cleanup program “The Gade Clean & Gold”, “he said during the inauguration at Alalak, Banjarmasin, Thursday (11/29).

The procurement of Clean & Gold The Gade requires the construction of 1 unit of a waste bank and the renovation of 5 pre-existing waste bank units. Besides giving 5 units of Viar three-wheeled motorbikes and 8 carts from Pegadaian to the management of the waste bank.

On the same occasion, Mayor of Banjarmasin Ibnu Sina conveyed his appreciation for Pegadaian for building The Gade Clean & Gold in that location.

“The city of Banjarmasin already has a master waste bank in North Alalak Sub-District, North Banjarmasin thanks to the support of the City Government which requires every apparatus to make this garbage bank. “We really appreciate Pegadaian, which has become this location as the location for CSR purposes, that the company converts waste into gold,” he said.

At present, Banjarmasin City has 211 waste banks that can reduce 11 tons to 13 tons of waste every day. Meanwhile, the waste produced in the city reaches 600 tons per day. Therefore, the city of Banjarmasin still needs approximately 40 to 50 waste banks each year to be established in each village so that the utilization of waste is more optimal.

The Gade Clean & Gold program is present in three Indonesian cities, in Pekanbaru, Bekasi and Banjarmasin. The presence of this program has provided many benefits that have been felt by the local community because they can make use of waste into gold savings, he explained.

The Gade Clean & Gold program in the city of Banjarmasin, Harianto added, as a manifestation of Pegadaian’s concern and affirmed its presence as a BUMN Present for the Country so that it can provide great benefits to the community both in the economic and environmental sectors.

Besides that, Banjarmasin also has a lot of garbage banks so that in the future it can be used as an example to be able to be implemented in other regions in Indonesia as a pawnshops built village.

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