Pertamax distribution continues to rise ahead of Idul Fitri

Jakarta -Guarding Lebaran mudik, PT Pertamina (Persero) to increase the distribution of fuel oil (BBM), especially Pertamax type fuel by 25%.

Vice President of Pertamina Corporate Communication, Adiatma Sardjito said in the last week of Ramadan, the movement of homecoming vehicles continues to increase. In order for people to enjoy the journey home conveniently, Pertamina improve fuel distribution in accordance with the specifications of the vehicle.

Entering the H-7 Lebaran, based on data from Pertamina Satgas, the realization of Pertamax distribution until Friday afternoon increased from the normal daily average of 17.8 million liters to 22.3 million liters.

“The distribution of Pertamax continues to rise ahead of Eid, as consumers start looking for higher quality fuels so long as their homecoming vehicles stay excellent,” said Adiatma in a written statement on Saturday (9/6/2018).

Besides Pertamax, Adiatma continued, the needs of motorized consumers in high quality fuel are also seen in the increasing of Pertamax Turbo fuel distribution by 7%, from daily average of 838 thousand liters to 899 thousand liters.

BBM with RON 98 which has been launched since the launch of this automotive enthusiast, also became one of the travelers in Lebaran 2018. The number of Pertamax and Pertamax Turbo users will continue to increase along with the public awareness of the fuel of this quality and environmentally friendly.

“To raise public awareness, in the area of ​​Serambi Pertamax or free rest for homecomers, Pertamina continues to educate the public about the suitable fuel for the latest output vehicles,” said Adiatma.

In addition, on Idul Fitri H-7 Idul Fitri this year, Adiatma said that LPG distribution grew by 22%, more than 25 thousand metric tons (MT), much higher than the national daily distribution of 21 thousand MT.

To ensure the fuel and LPG needs of the community remain fulfilled, Pertamina Task Force 2018 continues to monitor the supply, distribution until the daily consumption during Idul Fitri going on.

“The results of Task Force monitoring, in general stock of fuel and LPG sufficient and channeling runs safely and smoothly,” said Adiatma.

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