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Pilkada 2018 Is Corrupted by Coron Petahana Corruption Case

JAKARTA – The politics and corruption of regional heads suspected to fund local elections (Pilkada) tarnished the integrity of the 2018 election process.

The official statement of Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) mentioned that corruption cases by law enforcement officers during 2010-2018 had 242 heads of regions being suspected of corruption.

In fact, there have been 8 heads of regions that were dealt with by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) during January-February 2018.

Corruption against the regional head, especially in 2018, confirms a causal relationship with the 2018 elections contest.

The reason, the case involves candidates for regional heads and touted to fund the pilkada a high cost.

“Escape is seen that high spending in pilkada lies in illegal expenditure, namely political dowry, vote buying and bribe organizers, and the cost is basically not urgent, the funding of witnesses,” wrote ICW release on Saturday (3/3/2018 ).

Until now, there have been four candidates for regional heads who hold the status of suspected corruption. They are NTT Governor Candidate Marianus Sae, Jombang Regent Candidate Nyono Suharli Wihandoko, Subang Regent Aryumningsih Regent Candidate, and Southeast Sulawesi Governor Candidate Asrun. Marianus Sae, Nyono Suharli, and Imas Ayumningsih are active regional heads.

Meanwhile, Asrun is a former Kendari Mayor who was arrested along with his son who currently serves as Mayor of Kendari.

Previously, some potential names failed to be nominated by the party as stipulated as a suspect by the KPK, such as Regent Kutai Kartanegara Rita Widyasari and Regent Mojokerto Masud Yunus. They were caught shortly ahead of the 2018 election candidacy.

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